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Adobe Announces Flex 3.0 and Air 1.0 – Why Should You Care?

Posted on 26. Feb, 2008 by captivatehero.


The Captain is excited about this one.

Adobe Flex has matured into a real development tool for all web based applications. It has had it’s bumps in road with version 1.0 and 2.0, but the Flex 3.0 release is just amazing.

Some of the features that I like:

  • It is open source. Yup. There’s a Software Development Kit (SDK) ready for download. This will allow for full customization of the tool, and foster innovation.
  • Smaller SWF files.
  • Better Web Service integration.
  • OpenType Font support. — Excellent.
  • The ability to export Flex formats from other CS3 tools like Photoshop and Flash. Great Designer/Developer work flow item.

And finally – the ability to publish to AIR 1.0.

Adobe AIR LogoNow for those of you who are not familiar with AIR – just think of it as a rich internet application for your desktop. You will be able to run E-bay and Amazon– with better usability and improved functionality. Wow – image that.

Ok – so why should you care about AIR 1.0?

I know there is a tremendous movement right now towards eLearning content management systems (ECMS). With multiple delivery channels and mediums out there – it’s getting pretty darn tough to keep up with it all. So it’s inevitable that systems will be built to handle the massive quantities of training materials that need to be produced. So the vision here is that we will eventually have an ECMS on the back end that will feed into an AIR front end on the desktop.

I feel that Adobe AIR will be that technology that brings eLearning back to the desktop. Yes—I said it—back to the desktop. Can you imagine – PDF’s, Flash Movies, HTML, Video, Audio, etc. in a framework that actually makes sense. I wouldn’t be surprised if the LMS vendors are investigating it right now. Take a look at this eBay demonstration to see what I’m talking about:

You can download the application and try it yourself.
(Please keep in mind that to see this application run you will be asked to install the AIR client!)

It’s going to be awhile before we see anything to market, but my bet is on AIR bringing eLearning desktop delivery back.

Be prepared IT departments!

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