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Captivate 3 and FLV Video - Part 2

Posted on 21. Oct, 2008 by captivatehero.

Why are you a problem in Captivate 3?

Why are you a problem in Captivate 3?

This is in response to an earlier post about .FLV video in Captivate 3. I wanted to share with you a post that was made up on a private Captivate board by Jonathan Turkle, VP at Envisiontel. I think this confirms my suspicions about large amounts of Flash video.

I have had several occasions where customers have asked me to take a series of  20 .flv videos and turn it into DVD style on-line experience with a menu of various chapters or video modules that the user can be selected form different slides in a non-linear random access manner. When the video slide is finished playing the viewer is taken back to a main menu or home screen

After a great deal of time exploring this issue in Captivate 3, I learned that Captivate is designed to cache embedded movies in slides in a linear fashion in the order or the slides in the project. This means that beyond slide four or five the user must wait an interminable time for the video to load because it must cache the previous slide videos first. Is it not possible to have Captivate call an .flv slide videos without waiting for all the other slide videos to cache first?

The only work around to eliminate the extremely long video caching process has been to break up what should have been one Captivate project in to four Captivate projects with no more than 5 video slides in the project.

As I dig deeper into this topic it seems that large amounts of video in Captivate is a problem - hopefully this is addressed with any future versions of Captivate.

There have also been comments by many people about not even being able to play back .FLV video at all. This might be a server MIME type issue, but I’m looking for confirmation on that.

So it looks like if you are doing a video intensive project - stream your video. This looks like the only solution a this point. Now I have yet to speak with anyone who has implemented streaming video in Captivate 3, so if you have tested these waters please comment.

The Captain will continue to investigate this problem!

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