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Slide Video Echo Resolved

Posted on 19. Jan, 2011 by captivatehero.


Captivate 5 Slide Video really comes in handy when illustrating a multi-step process. It allows control of elements like text captions on individual slides as the video is playing.

I had a Slide Video interaction that was eight slides long - each slide with their own audio track and no audio inside the video. When I played back the slides there was an echo between the steps of my video. Usually when there is a problem with audio - move each audio track so that it starts at .5 seconds on the timeline. This gives Captivate enough time to load the next audio track into memory.

So I went into each slide - adjusted the timing of each audio track and the echo went away. Now I have a perfect multi-step process with out the narrator sounding like she’s in a canyon. Problem solved.

Happy Captivating!

- The Captain

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Stacking Order Issue in Captivate 5

Posted on 18. Jan, 2011 by captivatehero.


I was recently teaching my Captivate 5 Fundamentals class when something rather odd happened.  I inserted a PNG file that contained transparency. On top of that image I inserted a Highlight Box. Everything seemed OK until I tried to select the Highlight Box and then something strange happened: the image was being selected instead of the Highlight Box. How odd.

After checking the stacking order of the Timeline - everything seemed to be in order. The Highlight Box was on top of the image and everything looked great. I attempted to make the selection again, and still the image was trumping the Highlight Box. I evenually figured out how to resolve this little issue:

  1. Move the image away from the Highlight Box
  2. Select the Highlight Box
  3. Right-click the Highlight Box to revela the contextual menu
  4. Select Arrange > Bring to Front

That’s it! Now the stacking issue has gone away.

It would be great to know if anyone else has come across this issue.

Happy Captivating!

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